Privacy Policy

Live Chat Engage “Our Site”

We admit the importance of online privacy for our website users, which has been at the core of our values since inception. Our privacy policies stand true for all of our users, namely site “visitors” of the website, who may or may not conduct any business transaction on the website. Furthermore, it is applicable for those visitors and authorized users who avail of our free trial or paid services.

User Information

This is to refer any information that makes out or can be used to classify, get in touch with, or spot on to whom such information relating to, including and not only restricted to address, fax number, name, phone number, financial profits, email address, credit card info and social security number. However, “User Information” does not include any information that is anonymously collected (i.e., without any identification of the visitor/user) or any demographic information that is not connected to an individual who has been identified.

This refers to any information that identifies or can be used to identify, contact, or locate the person to whom such information pertains, including, but not limited to, name, address, phone number, fax number, email address, financial profiles, social security number, and credit card information. Personally Identifiable Information does not include information collected anonymously (that is, without identification of the individual user) or demographic information not connected to an identified individual.

Basic “User Information” Collection

In order to serve our visitors well, we may collect some necessary profile information. We may also collect further information from some of our authorized users’ “Clients,” their names, phone/mobile numbers, email address, their nature of work/business, size of their company, and their selling products.

Third-Party Vendor Collecting “User Information”

Concurrent to ourselves collecting the “User Information,” there are some third-party vendors (that may include banks, credit card companies, and other e-payment gateways) who primarily provide credit lines, escrow, e-payments systems, who may also be collecting the same information. We do not have control over how they use such information, but we ask these vendors to reveal how they will use this personnel information granted to them from visitors and other authorized users.

How Does Our Website Use “User Information”?

We utilize “User Information” to make custom changes to our website, plan suitable service packaging and other offerings, and facilitate buying and selling transactions on the website. To keep our clients updated about our new offerings, research sharing, and sales opportunities, we may send emails to “Visitors” and authorized users related only to the website’s subject matter.

Sharing of “User Information”

Authorized User Information may be shared, in some instances, with others of the same class who like to evaluate potential business opportunities with other authorized users. Some cumulative information about our visitors and authorized users, including demographics, may be shared with our partners/affiliates and some third-party vendors. To safeguard privacy, we offer our visitors a safe door to opt themselves out by not receiving information or being contacted by us or by any third-party agency acting on our behalf.

How We Store “User Information”

User Information that is collected by ourselves is stored with us securely. No third party or employee of Live Chat Engage, except as indicated above, has information access rights.

Option available to our visitors regarding use of information

All of our website visitors may choose not to receive any unsolicited communication from our side or from any of our vendors/affiliates/partners by sending us their responses over email reply or contacting us at

Use of Cookies on the Website

Cookies are set up for multiple reasons. To enhance our visitors’ user experience on our website, we obtain certain information about their preferences using cookies. Cookies are also meant to be used for the protection of our authorized users.

User Information Access to Our Affiliates

Live Chat Engage will keep entering into partnership with third-party vendors and companies to continue providing reliable and high-quality services to our clients. Such affiliates may have access to some “User information” on request in order to evaluate Authorized Users for services eligibility. Our policy does not provide any cover to the use of information collected by them. To comply with the law, we will also, in pursuit of the safety and protection of our Visitors and Authorized users, disclose information as and when we deem fit and as directed by external law enforcement agencies.

Keeping User Information Secure

Our employees are well versed with our security policy and practices. We have a set protocol, and only a limited number of qualified associates with passwords have access to visitor and user information. We conduct strict and regular audits to ensure sensitive data such as credit card numbers etc., is protected by SSL (encryption protocols). Even though our website is commercially secured and we have taken every possible step to maintain a safe environment for electronic transaction and communication, chances for breaches, tampering, and break-ins are still likely, and we don’t own any liability or guarantee in case of the occurrence of any such event to our users and visitors.

Updating Visitors Information

If our visitors and authorized users want to update any information about themselves, they may send us an email at

Rights for Revocation of User Information from the Website

If authorized users want us to delete or deactivate their information, they may send us their deactivation request at However, complete record deletion is not possible due to backups, and some of the information may stay with us as residual. This information will be functionally deleted and will not be sold or transferred to any third party.

Changes in Privacy Policy

Any changes in the policy will be made live on our website. If we change our policy in such a way that causes disclosure of our visitors and authorized user information that was not permitted before as per our current policy, we will contact such a user or visitor to disclose that info.

Links on our Website

We have various links on our website that may route you to some other website; we recommend you to go through their privacy policy as it may vary from ours.