Live Chat Features


24/7/365 Support

Your Visitors Will Always Have Someone to Talk to When They Arrive on Your Website!

Our chat agents are available on your website 24/7/365 so that no customer query goes unanswered.


Facebook Messenger Chats

Your Facebook Followers Want Quick Responses, We Are There for Them!

Your official Facebook page is always brimming with activity with our live chat agents on duty.



Your Customers Can Chat with Our Agents Through Text Messaging

Text messaging with the live chat agents is one of many ways your customers can reach you.


Reseller Options Available

Use Your Branding with Our Service

Your business’s name is its identity; use it to your advantage with our service. Brand our Chat Widget, Dashboard & Email Notifications with your organization’s name.


Google Analytics Integration

Use Google Analytics with Live Chat Engage to Stay Informed of Your Web Traffic Stats and Chat Engagement

Knowing who your customers are is extremely important; that’s why our software supports Google Analytics integration.


CRM Integration

Our Software Integrates with Almost Any CRM or App

Our chat Software enables you to route live chat data to your existing CRM or app.


Web-Based Chat portal

Our Live Chat Portal Gives You Access to All of Your Live Engagements Data

Keeping a record of all of your live chat conversation is critical. Our web-based chat portal gives you access to all your live conversation transcripts.

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HIPAA Compliant Chat

Live Chat Engage Supports HIPAA Guidelines and is Compliant with Them

Catering specifically to healthcare providers, patient conversations through Live Chat Engage support HIPAA guidelines and are compliant with them.


Monthly Reporting

Comprehensive reporting of live chat engagements is essential

We prepare a monthly report including the details of our performance, along with the engagement and traffic trends on your website.

Personalized Script

Personalized Script

Tell Us How You Want Us to Talk to Your Customers

You determine how we greet your customers and talk to them. We use a personalized script based on your guidelines.