5 Ways Live Chat Can Fill Up Your Patient Appointment Calendar

5 Ways Live Chat Can Fill Up Your Patient Appointment Calendar

Many healthcare organizations are turning to live chat on their websites as a way to fill up their patient appointment calendars. This is because live chat allows them to communicate with patients who need help making an appointment before they even step foot in the office!

Live Chat lets you talk to your prospects in real-time and answer their questions before they even ask them. This enables you to fill up appointment slots quickly because the conversation with customers starts early on! Live chat service providers like Live Chat Engage provide customizable solutions for customers in all industries.

Read this blog post and learn how live chat can increase conversion rates for your business!

1. Let’s You Pleasantly Surprise Your Visitors

One of the most preferred online engagement methods is live chat; a staggering 92% of people approve of it. There is a high adoption rate of this channel over other means of contact, which makes visitors more likely to engage with your brand when they have access to a live chat representative.

There is a significant difference between utilizing chat on your site to just answer customer questions and using live chat to help them even before they ask! Live chat can drive down inquiries by utilizing historical contact data in order to provide relevant information before visitors even ask for it.

2. Helps You Preempt Customers Issues

A solid online customer service experience is one where you anticipate any challenges your customer may be facing on the website. You can accomplish this by analyzing which pages the users have visited, how long they spent on a given page, and if many customers are dropping out from specific pages. You can empower your support representative to start a chat and offer support as soon as things start to look confusing for customers.

3. Channels Visitors to The Desired Pages

You can’t offer live chat support for every single page on your site – it would be too complicated and overwhelming. Instead, you should designate a few pages where the customer service staff is available to answer questions. The perfect place to put live chat is on your sales or pricing pages, since this is where customers are most likely to have questions, concerns, or comments.

4. Conducts a Brief Pre-Chat Survey

A quick introductory survey can help gather some information about the issue customers are having. For instance, just by asking “What did you do before you contacted us?” or “How long have you been unsuccessfully trying to fix this?”, your customer support agents will be more prepared with background. Your live chat system can store this information so that other agents handling conversations with the same customer also have access to it.

5. Always Be Authentic!

Online customer service is only as good as the team answering your queries. Be mindful of how you engage with customers and encourage staff to keep things friendly and authentic. Customers will spend more time on a website that feels warm, personal, and authentic; according to a recent survey by BCG, customers prefer to talk to a brand that shows authenticity. Consumers care more about rapport and trust than the product or price.

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